Are You A ScatterBrain?

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What’s a ScatterBrain?

It’s not a what, its a who.

 “A flighty, disorganized or forgetful person.”Wiktionary

Yup. That sounds like me alright.

My frustrations with myself and the situations that I used to be getting into led me to create this personal website.

Why the frustrations?

Well, I know I’m good at my job – as a trainer and a facilitator. But when it comes to the planning or housekeeping part, there’s always a detail or two that I will miss out.

For example, I will plan for a game to be played during teambuilding, but I would forget to remind the participants to return the markers and props.

So I end up having missing items in my equipment list and have to replace them at my own expense.

Another common example for me is when I’m ordering food or a cup of Starbucks coffee, only to realise that I left my wallet in the car parked some distance away. Or worse, I ran out of cash and the nearest ATM is no where in sight.

Does this sound familiar to you?


Over the years I have learned to manage this scatterbrain attribute of my brain by relying on tips, tricks and technology.

These days, i’m better at organizing my life. I set up routines, keep my calendar and task-list mobile (i have an iPad and iPhone).

I use accessories like Grid-It and Timbuktu messenger bags to organize my daily carry-with-me items.

I use GPS app on my iphone to pre-load my destinations way in advance before I drive off to unfamiliar venues.

I always have a spare charging cable and car-adaptor  to power-up my iphone in case battery runs low while navigating using GPS map.

I do slip up from time to time, but they don’t affect me or my work as much. I’ve successfully reclaimed my Zen.




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